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Richard Steel Brief CV

Richard is an experienced consultant in lean management, supply chain, and continuous improvement methodologies.

Starting his Lean journey 25 years ago, over the years, he has worked extensively in manufacturing, supply chain, service, government, health, energy, retail and food processing organisations.

My Approach

To get the big picture, my approach is working alongside key stakeholders to review end to end operations, identify key issues in discussion with the senior leadership group.

A key deliverable is a high-level summary of improvement opportunities and prioritised implementation plan, based on lean and supply chain principles aligned to company strategy.

My core focus is “Achieving results by developing people”, which is vital to ensure long term sustainable improvement. Critical to achieving this, is transferring capability and skills to the team through collaboration, training, coaching and mentoring.

Through mutual learning and guidance, a culture of continuous improvement enables engagement and accountability, ensuring the right results for the company and individuals involved.

I typically help clients by focusing strategic (or tactical) engagements that provide specific support or value to an organisation, leadership team, staff, and customers. I also provide longer-term support as an advisor or coach as part of an ongoing, strategic relationship over time.