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Many of you will be familiar with my Kaizen Lean skills and experience, which will never be far from my approach; however I believe there is a much wider set of skills that I can offer individuals and organisation to achieve the results they need.

My greatest interest is in developing solutions for people’s problems and developing the capabilities of others.

Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching

Helping clients achieve goals, adapt to change and become “the best that they can be”.

Supply Chain

Supply Chain

Lean can benefit any organisation, Explore how Lean thinking could transform your business.

Richard Steel

About Richard

Richard Steel is an experienced, senior business executive whose style has always been centred on continuously improving and building high performing teams.

As a business consultant, Richard has worked with over one hundred organisations across a multitude of sectors in the development of operational excellence and business transformation programmes.

Building long term supportive relationships is the cornerstone of his style; Richard is best recognised as one of the leading continuous improvement specialists in Australasia.

Richard is also a trained Executive Coach.

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