Lean Thinking

Minimise waste and maximise customer value

Richard started his Lean journey 25 years ago and has worked extensively in manufacturing, service industries and government sector, including healthcare and local council operations in addition to his extensive experience in food manufacturing, packaging and industrial products.

Lean Thinking

The Lean journey starts with understanding what needs to be improved. I use a series of diagnostic approaches, using a structured scientific approach to analyse and measure operational performance.

With the goal of long term sustainable results in mind, and implementation strategy is developed in conjunction with the senior leadership and stakeholders.

Implementation is managed with a practical hands on approach, working with the team to get to grips with what needs to be done. Using experience and coaching skills the goal is to “Achieve results by developing people”.


I am a trained coach and provide coaching support to embed lean skills and implementation projects. Coaching and mentoring is a tailored service, aimed at transferring capability and assisting clients in unlocking their true potential.

Coaching is available as 1-1 or group programs to suit the needs of the organisation

Continuous Improvement

Big results come from many small changes over time.

One of the most effective ways to achieve continuous improvement is to select a small number of tools and embed them as daily habits. each organisation will be slightly different, so I can assist in selecting the best fit. These are likely to include the following, problem solving, visual management and standardised operations.

From experience the critical step is to focus upon aligning teams with company vision and values giving purpose to improvement activities.

Strong leadership is a vital part of embedding continuous improvement and leaders at all levels need to do their bit.

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